eBay is an online shopping site that's best known for its auctions and consumer to consumer sales. It's also extremely popular for online merchants to use as a sales channel. eBay's available in many different countries.

Anyone can open an eBay account for free. When you have a seller account, there are fees associated with it — for example, listing fees. The costs vary on the price you sell your products for, as well as how long you list them. eBay is a fully ‘open’ marketplace and there are no strict requirements attached to getting a business account. Also, the number of different categories and products that you are able to offer via eBay is almost limitless.

International selling - eBay listing fees

eBay will not charge any listing fees for offers in your default country (where you create your first account and where your warehouse is located).

However, for selling internationally via other eBay portals you may be charged additional listing fees per product. This is depending on the ‘type’ of business account you use and the fees can vary based on the category your product(s) are listed in. More information on fees can be found on eBay’s help pages:

Product feeds

  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product Remove - CSV
  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product Remove - CSV
  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product Remove - CSV
  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product Remove - CSV
  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product Remove - CSV
  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product Remove - CSV
  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product Remove - CSV
  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product Remove - CSV
  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product Remove - CSV
  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product Remove - CSV
  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product Remove - CSV
  • (English) - Product - CSV
  • (English) - Product Remove - CSV
  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product Remove - CSV


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Channel integration type

    La integración de productos via API y la administración de pedidos está disponible para Ebay.

    La administración de pedidos es compatible con:

    Koongo transfiere los pedidos recibidos en Ebay a tu tienda online y sincroniza tu inventario automáticamente.

    Puedes completar los pedidos de Ebay directamente en tu tienda online.

Meet Koongo

Koongo helps online sellers to succeed on online marketplaces and comparison websites by automating data and order sync. It allows sellers to sell on more locations with less effort.

Conecta tus canales de venta favoritos en 4 sencillos pasos:

  • Empieza los 30 días de prueba gratuita
  • Crea una cuenta de vendedor en el canal de venta escogido
  • Crea un feed de producto pre-definido en tu perfil de Koongo
  • Activa la sincronización automática de productos y pedidos

eBay integration manual

There are various eBay marketplace locations available, Koongo offers specific product feed for each location - e.g.,

The eBay API connection is using Product and Remove feeds.

  • Product feed is used to upload product data to an eBay marketplace.
  • Remove feed is removing deactivated products from a marketplace.

Note: The eBay marketplace integration is not available for Conector para Magento and Connector for Magento 2 users. For the Magento platform please use the Servicio Koongo option. For Connector for Magento 2, the eBay API functionality will be added soon.

Note: The eBay Belgium marketplace API integration is not supported by eBay. Koongo doesn't offer eBay Belgium integration.

1. Request eBay marketplace account

To start selling on eBay, you need to request a business account first. You can request a new account below.

One eBay account (regardless of initial country) is sufficient to start selling on every available portal. So, no separate accounts are necessary. More information on how to set up (international) selling on eBay can be found at:

2. Configure your eBay account

To start selling on eBay you first have to set up several policies at eBay, which are also necessary for Koongo in order to list your products. The policies that have to be set up are Payment, Return and Fulfillment/Shipping/Postage.

Go to My account > Business policies in the eBay interface in order to set this up or click the links below:

If you did not find your eBay location above, simply use the link below and substitute the "XX" with your eBay location.

  • https://www.bizpolicy.ebay.XX/businesspolicy/policyoptin

Please setup Policies below:

  • Payment: (mandatory) create a “Payment policy”. Its name is required to properly configure Koongo. It is recommended to choose an easy and specific name without special characters such as : ; and #. When allowing PayPal as a payment method, it is advised to enable “Require immediate payment when buyer uses Buy it now” in order to prevent orders from remaining on a "waiting" status for a long period.
  • Return: (mandatory) Create a “Return policy”. The same naming advice is applicable to this policy as for the payment policy.
  • Shipping: (mandatory) Create a ”Shipping policy”. The same naming advice is applicable to this policy as for the payment policy. Important: The shipping policy is where you set up the countries you want to ship to and as such in what countries the offer(s) are visible. Make sure you only enable countries you can and want to ship to.

3. Create eBay Product and Remove feeds

Add the eBay Product and Remove feeds to your Koongo profile grid. For more details please check the manual below:

Products will always be listed as a GTC (‘Good till Canceled’) offer. Only the 'Fixed Price' type is possible to use since the 'auction' type is not supported due to the eBay API restrictions.

4. Category mapping

Please map your store categories to eBay categories in your Product feed.

5. Connect your feeds to eBay

Connect your eBay Product and Remove feed to your eBay account using API integration.

6. Download eBay additional attributes

You can download additional eBay attributes via API using the "Get eBay Attributes" button.

eBay order synchronization manual

The eBay order synchronization is currently supported for selected e-commerce platforms. To activate the eBay order synchronization, please follow:

Asistencia en la configuración del canal de venta

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