BigCommerce Sincronización de pedidos: Gestiona fácilmente los pedidos de Amazon o eBay

BigCommerce order synchronization

The BigCommerce order sync allows you to manage your marketplace orders directly in your store. It syncs orders from Amazon, eBay, idealo, Bol, Beslist, or Miinto .

Koongo app importa los pedidos que recibes en marketplaces into your BigCommerce store. And it y sincroniza tu inventario automáticamente. Orders are listed next to your BigCommerce orders. So, you can manage them just like your regular ones.

How does BigCommerce order sync work?

The BigCommerce order sync performs all order-related actions directly in your store. This means that Koongo transfers your marketplace orders information directly into your store backend.

Once you fulfill a marketplace order in your store, Koongo sends a specific order tracking number back to your marketplace account.

What online marketplaces Koongo supports?

Koongo supports order synchronization for eBay, Miinto, idealo, Amazon,, or .

For more details, please check marketplace integration manuals below:

9 Koongo benefits for BigCommerce users

  1. One place, limitless possibilities. Sell your products on global channels from your store. Connect any of 500+ comparison websites, online marketplaces, and affiliate platforms supported by Koongo
  2. Process orders in your store. Koongo transfers marketplace orders into your store. And it syncs your inventory automatically. Then, Koongo sends order tracking numbers back to the marketplace
  3. Product data is fresh. Always. The API integration refreshes your product data on Koongo in a matter of minutes. Right after that, Koongo exports updated data to all connected channels
  4. Filtra y selecciona productos específicos para cada canal de venta. Advanced filtering options help you to select just the right group of products for each selling channel
  5. Aumenta la valoración de tus productos mediante el uso de categorías específicas. Koongo category mapping helps you to easily map your store categories to a marketplace category tree
  6. Monitor your product performance. Koongo-Google Analytics integration gives you an accurate product performance overview. So, you can select just profitable products for each selling channel. And thus, you can get rid of losers
  7. Enrich your product data. Extract a specific text from the product description or merge your product data. Adjust your product data easily with Koongo. And fulfill all channel data requirements
  8. Modifica los precios de tus productos para cada canal de venta. Increase your product prices to cover marketplace selling fees or shipping costs
  9. Design your CSV, TXT, or XML feed. Create your own custom product feed with the Custom Channel Layout template

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Need more details about BigCommerce integration? Check our BigCommerce integration manual.

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